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I like the game a lot but I also think that it would be awesome if you could raid other people’s ships and steal their treasure

Blocky pirates

Really fun it deserved five stars 🌟 love this game a lot

Good, hard to control

A really great game, but maybe you should add more updates to the rest of your sports games, like more gameplay: Blocky Baseball, Blocky Football, etc.

Great Game!

This game is a lot of fun and really entertaining.

Another good one

I have enough Fat games now to say they're my favorite game maker. This one is fun with the usual cute and amusing characters. I don't know what the critics are talking about - I don't have any problem moving my pirate.


I love the game! But I try to figure out the pattern and I get squashed. Also I think it is a little tricky to remember how to move what way. 😊😡


Ok so this would be a amazing game if it didn't have the worst handling I've ever seen. If they added a dpad I could see this being really good. But with the controls right now it's just a waste of storage

saeed haji ghorbani

good 👍

Fun game

Not complicated, very fun, simple, yet still very intriguing

Horrible controls

Would it be too much to ask for a d-pad on the screen or something???


Good job fulfat l! Your games are so awesome. I have block football,soccer,basketball,racer,snowboarding, pirates, raider,hockey (my fav) and baseball


If you want to get a good game you should look somewhere else the controls are so bad you have to keep swiping which sounds fine but the game is to hard for slow controls like that.

Update idea

They should have characters with upgrades and skills and make it so other players can take your gold but have to go through a dungeon you made and buy traps

From cristopher appus

One of the best games I've ever played in my life. Much better than minecraft or crossy road

Poor handling

Every step my phone shakes, terrible motion control.


Please play, every pleasuring!

Difficult Handling

This game is okay, the characters seem mediocre and dont offer much uniqueness in the short time I played. But, being a rather intense arcade/endless gamer, this game does not fit in for me. The controls to move the characters left, right, forward, and back are way too slow for me to be able to handle this game. Sure it makes it easier, but being quick and having immediate response needs to be addressed. I died every few runs because it was too slow in response or didn't pick up my actions because it was clogged already with other actions. I don't have any intention of coming back to this game.

Controls are not good

Not a bad game but its hard to play since swiping one way does not always make the character go that way

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